Wednesday, February 6, 2008

An Open Door Policy

Universities should open new doors for their students; too often, though, students open doors for the University.

For example, a round trip from the Morg Beit Medrash to the Caf requires opening and closing up to eighteen separate doors.* While the main entrances to Morg and Rubin should obviously remain closed (weather, security, etc.), what of the other obstacles?

In particular, the two portals framing the Caf staircase are asking for trouble: thousands of students all forced to make that "wait, just . . . 'scuse me" as they wiggle around oncoming traffic, only to re-balance their lunches and attempt the risky Two Fingered Door Opener move.

Men, lend me your triangle door stops! If you see a door that could be propped open, do the future a favor: keep our doors open!

*Beit Medrash double doors, bottom Morg staircase, top Morg staircase, Morg security double doors, Morg Main entrance, Rubin main entrance, security double doors, top Caf staircase, bottom Caf staircase, and back.


AStudent said...

iBEN avraham-
what's the last time you ate in the morg beis? But seriously, there isn't a reason the others need to be closed.

Tzvi F. said...

Truthfully, I think you have to pick your battles. This is something so trivial that I doubt most people actually take notice of the facts you mention.

Will all due respect, it seems as if you're just trying to post to keep this site fresh. This is a great blog, don't get me wrong. But perhaps the posts should be limited to important issues. More important than doors being kept open, anyway.

Anonymous said...

More YU students who know little to nothing making a big deal out of something that can't be changed. Stairwells - and probably their always-closed doors - are mandated by fire codes. If you're too lazy to open a door, you're probably one of those people who takes the elevator from the basement to the lobby anyway, so the number of doors you're actually pushing or pulling open (in either building) is much lower.

Immanuel Shalev said...

I agree with Tzvi. I'd prefer more frequent updates. If you are going to update daily, i dont mind an article like this, but i feel like there are important issues to discuss and you aren't posting on them.

WHILE we're at it - I'm a senior, and since my first year here, they have been repeatedly closing off the main doors to rubin and fixing them and then closing them off and fixing them again.
Seriously, if YU wants, i'll fund-raise for some new doors.