Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Winning, not Whining

This post may be a bit dated, but I think the main ideas are still relevant and it's a nice complement to Noah's most recent post on our mission statement.

In the age of Noah Feldman, nobody likes a complainer. So before my next post I decided to clarify that while I do a lot of complaining, I try not to be a complainer. Unlike so many Commentator articles I've read this year, I promise that every single one of my posts will end with a practical (not necessarily easy) solution to the problem(s) discussed. More importantly, instead of sitting back and hoping that our little sarcastic posts will automatically revolutionize YU, I hope that we will be able to follow up by 1) bringing our issues to the relevant administrators 2) taking real action (where possible).

For example, in a previous post my colleague Ben suggested that the library provide little slips of paper for writing down call numbers. After this, I decided to buy such little slips of paper and place them in the library, in order to show everyone how easy and convenient such an addition would be. You all know what happened next. In addition to my actions, Ben is currently planning a meeting with Dean Berger in order to discuss implementing some of his other suggestions.

Hopefully our whining won't be for whining's sake, but with an eye to real change. Please remember to include YU in your tefilos.

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