Friday, November 23, 2007

Is ANYBODY listening?

There are many people who care, think about, cannot stand YU. Many of these people express their views relating to YU in private conversation. Of these, there are a small few who actually talk about it in writing. Those few are a rare breed who exist on the following spectrum.

People completely content with/apathetic to the existence of YU
People relatively content with YU
People relatively content with YU but who proactively want to make YU even better.
People no so content with YU who proactively want to make YU better.
People desperate to make YU better.
People so fed up with YU that they don't bother to write as there simply is no hope anymore. Indeed, there may never have been.

I find myself to be on the far end of the spectrum that still is willing to write. That is, I am desperate that YU get better. Though, I am prone to suffer long spurts of hopelessness.

I believe that there would be less hopelessness if there was more communication. Many people start off happily hoping to make YU better, voicing their opinions via The Commentator, or even in personal meetings with professors and administrators. But then, that is it. No one responds. Even at Town Halls, President Joel will say, "Yes, I agree. We will do that now." But that will be the last you and I will hear of it.

The blog hopes to put an end to that. Voice your well-written suggestions, ideas, issues, complaints, etc to . If they are well-written, thoughtful, and related to YU, they will be posted. They will also be sent to the relevant higher-ups with a very hopeful and polite request to respond, on this blog, for the public, for everyone to hear.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts - and the appropriate responses from the people who control our destiny.

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